Have you ever made someone happy?

A child perhaps?
What about 1000’s of children?

The inspiration for this magazine ad, which appeared in the April 2017 edition of Canadian Retailer magazine, is an amazing child – the same child who is the guiding light for our business. That child is our daughter.

As parents, you begin to see how the cycle of life works; how you become your parents as your child becomes you. After 20 years of marketing experience, you come to understand that experiencing a moment with childlike exuberance is what every person continues to crave. It’s what makes people happy.

So quite literally, from the mouth of babes has bloomed the science behind making people happy.

Our Experiential and Social Agency tested the model on children’s’ activations. Seeing 1000s of happy kids not only made us happy, but it led to mapping the same thinking to activations for every rung in the consumer socio-economic landscape. From toys to luxury cars, banks to insurance, telcos to packaged goods – the model continued to work.

Like everything, over time the model was refined and honed to incorporate multiple strategies.

For example, the H.U.M.™Approach. “HUMMMM”, as in the reaction a consumer gets when our activation earns your product a spot on the consideration menu because we have defined an in-person or social experience that demonstrates the utility your product has within their lives.

H.U.M.™ = High Utility Moment™. The PADULO X approach defines a consumer experience based on mood and surroundings. Offering added value at a key moment in turn excites people, priming them to buy and in the end – making them happy.

We’re also quite excited about our Social Sampling programs. In a nutshell, we bring real, in-person experiences to online audiences. Sure, nothing new on the surface, but it is how we link it to the H.U.M.™ approach and combine it with geo and demo targeting via paid and organic social media that is the difference. This ensures we amplify live events, in real and near time, to attract the right audience to an experience in close proximity to them or build positive awareness across the country.

Why is it so crucial to attract the right people to what is probably a very public event? The answer is Sampling Bleed. Consider the costs, samples, and ambassadors spent on the wrong audience. We do and always will. The right audience showing up at your experiences ensures they have a great time and in the end – makes people happy.

Happy people make brands and brands can make people happy.

First and foremost we thank the inspiration that is our daughter, who is also daughter to this agency. And we thank all of our clients for funding the science behind making people happy, for we are all still children at heart.

Rich Padulo and Natasha Mackow
Partners and Parents of PADULO X Experiential Marketing

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