Social & Experiential: Our Answer to the new trend!

PADULO X Experiential Marketing is thrilled to announce our partnership with an exciting new creative Social Media agency, Hub and Spoke. Hub and Spoke specializes in working with brands & agencies to help create engaging and successful social media strategy, content and campaign executions. And together we’re now able to offer our clients a whole new opportunity to engage with consumers.

This partnership represents a bold new way for our organization to amplify your experiential executions. Our goal is to work in lock-step with Hub and Spoke to help extend campaigns by leveraging and extending our award-winning experiential events into your social efforts or driving bold, engaging social campaigns to an exciting, real-world chance to engage with the brand like never before.

Your marketing efforts can take a whole new, unified approach through the benefit of having our creative teams linked together.

There is a broad opportunity to offer clients solutions from a team that excels at social. We’d love the opportunity to show you the benefits and value of our approach. Get in touch with us today!



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